Meet the Owner, 

Jacoall Bergstrom!

I started my journey in the hair industry in Boston where I mastered the artistic and creative dry cutting method.

I then moved to LA to work on the set of Vh-1. While I was there I gained experience working with a few celebrity clients and was even written up in Vanity Fair magazine for best stylist in LA. I genuinely missed the East Coast so I took a position with an up and coming powerhouse of a team in Brooklyn, NY. We worked on editorial shoots, with multiple fashion week designers and quickly became the salon for anything new and trendy in NYC. Through all these amazing accomplishments, super fun and exciting times, I knew in my heart that my home city needed a new culture of salon. Boston needed a combined vibe inspired by LA and Brooklyn, NY. 

So in 2014 I opened my first salon in Downtown Crossing.

It was a small studio space that had an urban boho esthetic and I started to build a team of artists from all creative backgrounds. Since then we have grown to our third location. All of our spaces are really unique and the vibe is very relaxed and welcoming. The team of stylists have been described as ”hair magicians”. So throughout my career with all that I have done and as much as I have traveled and seen. My proudest moment is when our salon guests say “this is the first time I have ever loved my hair”, or "the salon is so amazing", "I love the music, the vibe here is so relaxed". 

It makes me proud that I was able to recreate that NY/LA experience here in Boston and on the South Shore.

Getting your hair done is personal and you exchange ideas and energy and sometime fears and at Bungalow we have made all that very comforting and relaxing. I can truly say that I am blessed and very proud of our brand, our team and our mission of manifesting good hair vibes.

Bungalow Hair Co.

Was created for the dreamers and dancers, the movers and shakers, risk takers and change makers.

We believe in Non Toxic products and Eco Friendly Sustainable Beauty. All of our hair products are Vegan and Cruelty Free. We stay away from the Sulfates and Parabens and all the unnecessary nasty harsh chemicals. Our hair products come in fully recycled plastic that is fully recyclable. We use glass anywhere we can to reduce our plastic use in the salon. We are a certified green circle salon. We recycle ALL of our waste. None of the waste Bungalow creates will end up in a landfill. Beauty does not have to be harsh or plastic. We are all trying to do better. We respect mamma earth the animals and our oceans. Join our movement and come spend some time with us.

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Downtown Crossing Vibes

Sitting at the base of Beacon hill and the edge of the financial district you will find Bungalow Hair Co.

This space screams Downtown Crossing Vibes. The vibrant wallpaper and drift wood mixed with the eclectic playlist is sure to make you escape your stressful work day even if it's just for an hour.


"I have never been to a more relaxing salon. The entire zen vibe just makes you feel so comfortable. I could live here."

- Lydia

"The fact that they use vegan cruelty free products sold me, but  Ja’coalls energy is so calming & inspiring she made me feel like I knew her forever."

- Hailey Jo

"I came to Bungalow looking like a train wreck and they worked their magic as usual. I recommend them to strangers everyday. I love it."

- Stephanie

"Ja’coall  totally transformed me. I cried in the chair. I was so happy. I have never loved my hair until I went to Bungalow. I am a forever client."

- Jess

"If I could give a million stars I would. Everything about Bungalow is perfect. The music, the vibe, the decor the team is amazing. "

- Jasmine

"If I could describe Bungalow and in the team in one word it would be MAGIC"

- Gina